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“3 Unusual Wasp Repellents”. If you are like millions 2015 new arrival Aroberto Cavalli Sunglasses Outlet Sale 808103 of people who deal with wasps, you know they are some of the worst pests around. Their sting can leave you sore for days or even send you to the hospital. Every year they plague thousands of yards causing the human households to fear and dread going outside.

You may be asking, “if only there were natural wasp repellents available?
Without natural wasp repellents, they can be unbearable pests especially when they make their nests around doors and windows.

They become aggressive when they are disturbed so it’s easy to feel like a prisoner on your own home.

Finding a way to get rid of them without chemicals is challenging because you want to get rid of them once and for all. So what can you do to get rid of wasps naturally without harming your family or the environment?

Here Sunglasses Outlet Store are three unusual ways to do the job. These methods are not scientifically proven but the people who have used them have seen good results.

Soap and water
Old fashioned soap and water is the first natural Cheap New Armani Sunglasses Sale Online Store wasp repellent to use. Spray the soapy mixture on the wasps and their nest. The soap will stick to their wings and weigh them down. Eventually they will suffocate. Other ways to use soap is to line your doors and windows with it to keep the wasps away. If they have built a nest in the ground pour soapy water into the whole. The entire colony should die. Repeat as needed.

Sliced cucumbers
One of the more unusual wasp repellents is cucumber. This vegetable has an acid property that wasps don’t like. Cut up a Sale Police Sunglasses few slices and leave around your picnic or BBQ area. They stay away and you can enjoy your outdoor activities without fear of getting stung.

Hang a crumpled brown paper bag
A third natural wasp repellent to use is by preying on the fact that wasps are territorial so they will not make a nest where one already exists. To give the illusion of a wasp nest, crumple up a small brown grocery bag, attach a string, and hang near your doors. They cannot tell if it’s truly a nest, but they seem to trust what they see. Their instincts will kick in and they will go away.

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